About me

Hi, I'm Ilya, product innovation consultant with background in geospatial and earth observation.

Over the last decade, I've built and launched a number of geospatial products: from an ocean data portal, a soil moisture monitoring tool, to a renewable energy data hub. 

Since childhood, I was always passionate about the nature. Following the call of the heart, I became a satellite oceanographer.

In 2019, I found myself at a software company doing a project manager's job that I didn't enjoy any more. I quit my job and started this blog – The Saturday Satellites – to stay on the intersection of Earth and Computer Sciences.

After regaining the life mission, I've had a pleasure to work on a number of geospatial products, including a satellite-based soil moisture monitoring tool, and a renewable energy map application.

Today, together with my co-founders, Alex and Gleb, I run Kodebusters where we help  founders launch new features and products quicker with no-code and AI.