Brunch & Network: Earth Observation Meet & Mingle in Barcelona

© Courtesy of Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona

Every person in Earth Observation I speak to says how tight and small our community is. And also, how important it is to spread the word about our job and the industry by all possible means: we need more podcasts, blog posts, and conferences!

I am thrilled to announce an exciting event that brings together professionals in the EO/geospatial niche for networking, inspiration, and collaboration.

Supported by: AZO Space, PARSEC Accelerator

What: A networking event designed to connect like-minded individuals in the EO/geospatial industry, providing a platform for new relationships, knowledge sharing, and exploration of potential partnerships.

Date7th July, 13:00

Location: Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Networking, Food, and Drinks
  • Lightning Talks

Grab your ticket (4 left)

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